CALACS mission
Direct Assistance
  • Individual help, support and counseling
  • Telephone support and counseling
  • Preparation and accompaniement for medical and legal procedures (when needed)
  • Information about resources and referrals
  • Help, support and counseling for victim’s loved ones
Education, prevention and awarenes
  • To deconstruct the myths and stereotypes surrounding sexual violence. To change discriminatory perceptions as well as sexist attitudes and behaviours. In an effort to curb tolerance of sexual violence in our society.
  • Prevention and awareness activites and educational workshops on various themes intended for different groups, organizations and professionals in the community.
  • Educational prevention and awareness programs
  • Public information booths
  • Documentation Centre
Advocacy for the rights and interests of victims of sexual violence
  • Educate and raise awareness that NOTHING justifies sexual violence
  • Community mobilisation to promote social, political and legal changes that will end sexual violence
  • Representation on local and regional committees

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