Information workshop about CALACS services

This workshop is designed for inform the population about the services offered to the community. It is helpful when reaching out to professionals working in community organizations, the health care system, the legal system, the school system, etc.

The groups are informed on subjects pertaining to sexual violence, sexual assault, sexual consent, statistics, as well as the three types of services offered by CALACS.

This workshop is designed to facilitate the referral process and to encourage the collaboration between CALACS and its partners in the community.

The workshop content can be modified to meet specific needs and offer specific information upon request.

Prevention and awareness programs and workshops

Educational prevention and awareness program From Dream to Reality

These workshops are designed for educate high school students who 12 years of age and up. See the descriptions of each workshop below.

Educational Workshop: Introduction to CALACS

The workshop introduces the students to CALACS and the services. The different forms of sexual violence and sexual assault are presented and discussed. The workshop includes interactive activities such as a quiz and an interactive scenerio that demonstrates the consequences linked to sexual violence. The students are educated about sexual consent and the resources available for sexual violence/assault victims.

Educational Workshop: Technology, Social Media and Sexuality

This workshop provides information about safety when using technology such as social media and instant messaging. The different forms of cyber sexual violence are adressed as well as the potential consequences related to these particular forms of victimization. The students are educated about sexual consent and the resources available for victims of cyber sexual violence.

Educational Workshop: Gender Stereotypes and Healthy Relationships

This workshop provides information about healthy intimate relationships. Throughout the workshop, students are challenged to reflect on how the various gender stereotypes that are ever so present in our society (pornography, social media, sexual roles, etc.) influence their values and their personal pereceptions of inimate relationships, their bodies and their own sexuality.

Educational Workshop: Sex, Drugs and Alcohol

This workshop provides information about drugs (date rape drugs, GHB, etc.) and alcohol in relation with sexual activity. The effects and the risks of using these substances and engaging in sexual activity are discussed. Interactive videos and scenarios are used to educate students about sexual consent when intoxicated as well as what to do in the case of an involuntary intoxication as well as how to consume alcohol and drugs while staying safe.

Prevention and Awareness Workshop:
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

This workshop is designed to inform employers, employees and future employees about sexual harassment in order to:

  • Demystify sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Educate and provide tools to help employers and employees deal with sexual harassment in their workplace if it should arise
Prevention and Awareness Workshop:
Elder Abuse, It’s Not Right

This workshop is designed to inform, educate, prevent and raise awareness about elder abuse in all its forms including sexual violence. It is intended for the elderly, caregivers, staff of health care institutions, and also future health care workers. It is also intended for family, friends and volunteers who are involved with elderly people in the community. Throughout the workshop, information about how to deal with elder abuse (whether it is intentional or unintentional) is provided as well as the tools to help recognize and to stop elder abuse.

  • Themes: Sexual assault, myths and prejudices, consent, barriers to disclosure and attitudes to adopt when disclosing sexual assault.