The consequences

Whether sexual assault/ violence was experienced in the past or recently, it has consequences. These consequences may vary from one person to another. Some consequences are more common. Here are some examples.

Physical consequences such as headaches, fatigue, STIs, unwanted pregnancy and injuries.

Psychological and emotional consequences such as sadness, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, fear, anger, lowered self-esteem, suicidal thoughts which may result in self-harm.

Sexual consequences such as a decreased desire for sexual activity, hypersexuality, pain during sexual intercourse and disgust towards sexuality.

Relational consequences such as difficulty in relationships with partners, friends and family.

Substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, prescription and non prescription medication.

These consequences may be experienced victims of any gendre that have experienced sexual violence.

It is important seek help and support as to not stay isolated with these consequences. They may appear immediately after the event or even several years later.

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